CRUPE is fast becoming an established force in the construction industry offering affordable building solutions and a range of inspirational products that meet and even exceed current building regulations and standards.



CRUPE was founded on FIVE principles and it is the combination of these key principles within one product which gives us our uniqueness in the marketplace today.



With the ability to utilise local material and less experienced labour as well as replace a number of traditional materials with one single product that can be mixed and applied onsite, CRUPE provides a system that offers superior cost efficiency.



CRUPE uses a high percentage of recycled material, 100% EPS (expanded polystyrene) in addition to using recycled (slag) cement and (synthetic) gypsum where possible.  CRUPE itself is a natural mineral based product and other ingredients used to complete the system are sand and water (salt or fresh water can be used) thus creating a highly recyclable building.


CRUPE is lightweight and easy to use, the spray application system is both simple and fast to apply achieving faster rates of coverage per hour.  There is no heavy machinery or lifting equipment required and the product can be used on a variety of framing systems, light steel, bamboo, wood, cement brick or PVC, offering flexibility and greater usability.



CRUPE provides high level protection from fire (Upto 4 hrs ); acoustic efficiency; superior thermal qualities and protection against seismic activity, with greater resistance from cracking and shrinkage.   Perfect for high-risk areas - CRUPE outperforms other systems in locations prone to earthquakes, hurricanes and humidity.



Buildings that are built, or renovated with CRUPE are more energy efficient and kinder to the environment.  CRUPE is made from mostly recycled material that is 100% natural, a mineral based product which has the same PH as human skin.  The system creates a monolithic building which in addition to it’s highly insular qualities envelopes the structure to provide fewer thermal gaps and hence enhanced energy efficiency.




We are driven by the needs of the global marketplace for environmentally sensitive and responsible building products and for building systems which enable cost effective and fast build – times without sacrificing the qualities you would expect in today’s modern housing.



Our system can be used in all types of new builds from a very simple social house to a large multi-storey office.


Our technology can also be easily applied to any existing structure to give it the same leading fire protection and noise reduction properties as a new CRUPE system build.


CRUPE Systems has been independently tested and certified to meet and in some cases exceed CE (European) fire, thermal and acoustic standards.We are continually working with Standards Organisations and Universities around the world to rate our products both locally and internationally.



The international team at CRUPE has a broad range of experience and expertise which have enabled the development of this unique product and building system. With our head office located in Switzerland and our Research and Development in Estepona, Spain and local offices across Europe, South America and Asia.